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Waste Expo 2021: Our Experience

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Waste Expo LogoAfter being on pause for a year due to COVID-19, Waste Expo 2021 was held in Las Vegas  from June 28th through June 30. Wall Recycling was excited to take part in the experience, specifically to learn new ideas about industry trends, meet other vendors and gain insight into how innovations, environmental concerns, and even COVID-19 affect waste management in the future.

What Is the Waste Expo?

The Waste Expo is an annual event in which those working in the industry, including waste removal, dumpster rental, recycling, and more gain a unique professional development opportunity. In fact, it’s the largest event in North America related to waste management and recycling.

Each year, there’s a combination of exhibits in which vendors can see new products and order supplies and equipment that may not be available anywhere else, making this an extremely exciting opportunity to improve the Wall Recycling fleet and supply inventory. Also, there are speakers and forums to discuss and educate the latest topics in waste management as well as networking opportunities.

With over 14,000 participants from all over the world, this interactive conference provides in-depth information about managing recycling and landfills, fleet management, and so much more to help us be safer, smarter, and more effective.

This Year’s Waste Expo Topics

While there are numerous exhibits and events, there were several stand-out topics discussed at this year’s Expo, including:

  • Improving waste management operations
  • Business Leadership to provide business and financial strategies for small to medium sized businesses.
  • “Nothing Wasted” to reduce and minimize trash and waste
  • “Sustainability Talks” discussing how to reduce plastics, minimize what ends up in landfills, and how the waste industry can lead the change in sustainability.
  • “Food Recovery Forum” to learn ways to reduce the social and environmental challenges of wasted food and how to profit from its recovery and reuse.
  • “Healthcare Waste” to focus on the regulatory and legislative issues related to healthcare waste.

Why Wall Recycling Attends the Waste Expo

Las Vegas Waste Expo 2021

We look forward to attending the Waste Expo each year and while we understand why it was cancelled in 2020, we’re glad it was back for 2021. Networking and learning new trends within the industry is always important for staying on top of our business and making sure we’re not relying on old ways of thinking and managing operations when modern solutions can be more effective.

This year, we also gained insight into hiring trends and challenges related to bringing in more people . We’re excited about to have had the opportunity to learn what other organizations around the country are doing to navigate the labor shortage and apply these strategies to our organization.

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