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Unconventional Uses for a Porta Potty

Uses for a Porta Potty in Durham

While you may not spend a lot of time thinking about portable toilets, when you do think of them, it’s probably only for one reason, and one reason only – to provide a convenient relief area at outdoor events or construction sites. However, there are countless unconventional uses for a porta potty, some incredibly functional and others…not so functional, but regardless, our commercial porta potty rental company wanted to highlight those uses here.

Entertaining Ways to Use a Porta Potty

First, let’s look at some ways folks have gotten creative with porta potties.

Motorized Porta Potty

If you’ve ever wanted to confuse joggers, adding wheels and a motor to a portable toilet is certainly one way to do it. In this video with over 6 million views, a portable toilet gains new meaning as we see how handlebars, a motor, and even a backup camera transforms this structure into a very unconventional, though not necessarily safe, method of transportation.  

Football Practice

While you may see porta potties outside a stadium for tailgating fans, you probably don’t see them inside the stadium, and you certainly don’t see them on the field. But in 2010, the Kansas City Chiefs started using porta potties for wide receiver practice to improve awareness and concentration. The player enters the space and closes the door, then, without warning, a teammate opens the door and a coach or other teammate throws the ball at the receiver inside. Was it effective? That year, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe broke the franchise record for most touchdowns in a single season, was the NFL receiving touchdowns leader, and was invited to the 2011 Pro Bowl. 

Hunting Blind

Some DIY-ers have purchased “retired” porta potties and transformed them into hunting blinds simply by adding a few small windows and painting the exterior in green and brown to camouflage the structure. 

Rocket Ship

Michiana Rocketry sent a porta potty to new heights in 2014 when a team attached seven rockets to a single unit. Reaching speeds of 209 miles per hour, the unmanned structure reached over 1,100 feet into the air. With the help of an attached parachute, it landed around 2,000 feet away from the launch point and almost on top of a parked vehicle!

Uses for a Porta PottyFunctional Uses for a Porta Potty

In addition to the obvious use, there are other uses for a porta potty that may improve your next event. 

Bridal Changing Room

For outdoor weddings, having porta potties for guests is a necessity. However, standard portable restrooms may not work for the bride who may need a larger space to not only accommodate her gown, but also will need a place to get ready, touch up cosmetics, and freshen up. A luxury portable restroom that includes a sink, full-sized mirror, and lighting in a much larger space can be exactly what she needs to make a special day more comfortable and convenient. 

Changing Room for Outdoor Events

For outdoor productions of plays and formal events, changing areas are important. Wheelchair accessible porta potties can provide the extra space necessary to change outfits comfortably without adding exorbitant costs to the event. 

Nursing Area

Providing a clean, private space for nursing moms can be a challenge, especially at outdoor events, but designating a large, wheelchair accessible portable restroom or a luxury restroom trailer with lighting, running water, and other amenities specifically for this use can be the solution you need. 

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