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How to Save Money with Reclaimed Materials

Taking care of your landscaping is a year-round job. From fighting the frost in winter to trimming the hedges in summer, your lawn requires attention and care. But before you purchase just any soil, mulch, or gravel, keep in mind that purchasing reclaimed materials is great for the environment, your wallet, and your property. Learn how reclaimed wood, soil, and stone from Wall Recycling can help save money and the environment!

Aerial picture of a road with forest on one side and tree debris on the other for the article about reclaimed materials.

What Are Reclamation Services?

Reclamation services are recycling services for landscaping and C&D waste. Our reclamation services convert certain types of materials into new products that can be reused for both residential or commercial purposes. These reclaimed materials are then sold as reclaimed wood, mulch, stone, or soil.

We convert discarded concrete, wood and other materials from construction and demolition (C&D) sites into affordable, reusable products. It’s great for the environment and it can even lower your overall business costs.

Concrete Crushing

After a large C&D project, it can be a hassle getting rid of demolition materials and large chunks of concrete, brick, or asphalt. Let us repurpose the materials from your construction and demolition sites! We’ll convert construction waste into ABC stone, a building material for driveways and other road bases. All you need to do is leave your C&D materials at our reclamation yard.

No more wasting money on expensive landfill dump fees!

Trees Debris Removal & Stump Grinding

If you’ve just cleared the land for a new development, let Wall Recycling assist with the cleanup. We can grind your discarded trees, stumps and branches into fresh, affordable mulch. No need to purchase any from your local hardware store or garden center!

When might you need tree debris removal:

  • Landscaping businesses with regular tree removal projects
  • Land development and new construction project builds
  • Businesses suffering tree damage after a storm
  • Homes suffering from tree damage after a storm

Wall Recycling’s Reclaimed Materials

Wall Recycling Reclamation Yard has all the reclaimed materials you need to infuse your yard with the nutrients it needs to flourish. We recover used stone and lumber products and manufacture them into reusable resources for your spring landscaping needs. The additional minerals and vitamins that our mulch and soil accumulates throughout its lifespan will infuse with your garden with extra nutrients to make it more vibrant and lush than ever.

Our reclamation materials can be manufactured into a variety of forms. The reclaimed materials we offer include:

Going Green with Wall Recycling

When you purchase reclaimed materials, you’ll save money and resources! How? Your C&D waste won’t wind up clogging up landfills. Plus, we’ll sell your reclaimed wood, stone, mulch, and other resources at a discounted rate. Save money and space in our landfills – which helps conserve precious natural resources.

Preserve Time and Resources with Reclaimed Materials

If you’ve recently excavated a new property, are undergoing a renovation, or clearing space for a new development, you’ll need to find a way to dispose of tree debris and your C&D waste. Do so in an environmentally and financially responsible way with Wall Recycling’s reclaimed materials.

Contact Wall Recycling today for your reclaimed materials or to learn more about our waste management services, salvage yards, recycling centers, and reclamation yards in North Carolina. We work hard to make sure we’ve earned our place as North Carolina’s trusted waste management provider.