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How to Recycle Christmas Trees

Are you having those post-Christmas anxieties about how to dispose of your Christmas tree this year? Don’t make the mistake of throwing your old Christmas tree away or bringing it to a landfill. There are many ways to recycle Christmas trees that are environmentally friendly– from local pick-up services to DIY projects to turning the tree into mulch. 

Picture of a pine tree in snow near the trash for the article about how to recycle Christmas trees.

Wall Recycling has ideas on how to recycle Christmas trees or find local tree removal services that focus on sustainable, eco-friendly ways to recycle trees. 

Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

There is no shortage of innovative ways that crafty DIY-ers might be able to recycle their Christmas trees and transform them into something useful all year long. However, you do not have to have a creative vision regarding your Christmas tree’s recycling future– you can just as well schedule a tree removal company to pick up your tree so it’s recycled, but not a burden to you. 

Whether you want to have some fun by giving yourself a post-Christmas project after the holidays or you want to have your Christmas tree removed with the simple ease of it being picked up at the curb, we have ideas of ways to recycle your Christmas trees so you do not make the mistake of letting it end up in a landfill. 

Turn Your Tree into Chips or Mulch 

One great way to reuse the parts of your tree is to repurpose them. Use the tree needles as mulch for the garden or, if you chip the trunk and sticks in a woodchipper, you can use the wood chips as mulch around the yard as well. If you do not have or operate a wood chipper, you can contact our tree debris grinding company to make the wood chips for you. 

If you have a compost set up in your yard or if you are looking to begin composting, using tree branches and the mulch from the grinded tree as a part of your compost structure is a great way to repurpose your Christmas tree into something useful and meaningful to the environment. 

Make Firewood and an Outdoor Bonfire

Use your Christmas tree to make firewood that can be used throughout the year. The needles of the tree will dry quickly, whereas the trunk of your Christmas tree may take up to a few months to entirely dry out and be ready for burning over a fire. Be careful if you burn parts of your Christmas tree in an indoor fireplace– the sap that’s present might stick to your chimney, causing excess smoke or even the potential for a chimney fire. 

Start a Neighborhood Erosion Barrier 

Depending on the community in which you live, recycled Christmas trees can be added to your neighborhood’s erosion barrier efforts. Old, discarded trees are often used to stabilize shorelines and beaches that have been subjected to severe storms. Trees can limit the damage of erosion to beaches as well as rebuild sand dunes. The needles on the recycled Christmas trees retain sand and can stand up to high winds, also providing a refuge for birds in the winter. 

Feed the Local Fish 

If you have a pond on your own property, or if there is a community or business service that collects trees to contribute to local fish habitats, your recycled Christmas tree can be submerged in water and made into fish food. Recycled Christmas trees increase the complexity of the water for aquatic life– the branches create shadows and provide a refuge for fish to distance themselves and hide from predators. 

Create a Natural Bird Habitat in Your Backyard

Discarding your own Christmas tree in your own backyard (free from ornaments and tinsel, of course) can encourage a variety of different types of birds to come to your yard. Birds are attracted to recycled Christmas trees because they offer them shelter and a place to hide from predators and winter winds. If you love bird watching or just want to offer a safe place for birds to find refuge during the cold winters, recycling your Christmas tree into a bird habitat is a great tool to give back to the environment after the gifting season has passed. 

Make Tree Trunk Coasters

Use your dried-out tree trunks from your recycled Christmas tree as coasters or trivets by cutting them into same-sized pieces using a hacksaw or miter saw. After cutting the pieces to your desired size, sand the surfaces of each piece, then stain and seal them to keep any sap from leaking. 

Hire an Eco-Friendly Tree Removal Service

If you are unsure of how to get rid of your holiday trash or how to remove or recycle an old Christmas tree, contact a Raleigh tree removal and dumpster rental business. 

At Wall Recycling, we offer holiday Christmas tree recycling services for clients with real trees as well as dumpster rentals if you need to get rid of an old, broken artificial Christmas tree. If you are uncertain of how to go about getting your Christmas tree removed or recycled, we welcome you to call and talk to one of our tree removal specialists. 

Schedule This Year’s Christmas Tree Removal Service!

Do you have a Christmas tree that needs to be recycled this winter? 

Choose Wall Recycling for your Raleigh tree recycling and removal needs. Whether you need a dumpster rental to dispose of your holiday trash or to do a New Year cleanout of your home or you need to schedule a time for us to come to your home and pick up your Christmas tree for recycling, we are here for all your local disposal and reclamation jobs

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