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ABC Stone for Sale

ABC stone for sale for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the Raleigh area


Discarded concrete doesn’t have to go to the landfill. At Wall Recycling, we take in debris from demolition and construction sites and recover concrete, asphalt and brick by crushing or grinding them into a reusable product called ABC stone.

We process that ABC stone, and sell it to area businesses for landscaping or construction projects at a discounted rate.

Uses for ABC Stone

ABC stone is a great option for road bases, driveways and entrances, offering a fine mixture for excellent compaction ratios and ultimately lowering your construction costs.

We’ve supplied ABC stone to a variety of residential, commercial and industrial operations in the Raleigh area, and can provide you with the right stone for your project.

Contact Us About ABC Stone
ABC stone for sale at Wall Recycling

ABC STONE For Sale at Wall Recycling

  • 1.5″ Minus Crushed Stone
  • 1.5″ to 2.5″ Clean Stone

For more information about our reclaimed stone, or about our concrete crushing services, contact the knowledgeable staff at Wall Recycling.

ABC stone

Let’s Talk About ABC Stone

Call us at (919) 582-7777 or contact us to learn more about reclaiming your efficiency with ABC stone today.