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In Need of Soil for a Landscaping or Construction Project?

Stop by our reclamation yards in Apex, Franklinton, and Raleigh NC, where we sell high-quality fill dirt and screened topsoil for any size project. We also take in discarded soils from construction and landscaping sites to recover for reuse.

Fill Dirt

At Wall Recycling, we process fill dirt recovered from construction and landscaping sites, which we sell at a discounted rate at our reclamation yard. Fill dirt is a convenient solution for leveling and filling projects, and can provide a solid foundation for topsoil in most landscaping projects.


Screened Topsoil

Topsoil is vital to keeping lawns, flowerbeds and gardens healthy— but when sites are cleared for a new landscaping project, most all topsoil is removed. We recover that discarded soil from landscaping sites, process it to remove all twigs, stones, roots and other debris, and sell the healthy, “salvaged” topsoil at an affordable cost. Stop by our reclamation yard to purchase fresh topsoil, or call us to salvage the soil from your current landscaping site.

top soil fill dirt

Let’s Talk About Reclaimed Soil

For more about our recovered soils in Apex, Franklinton, and Raleigh, or to speak with our team about recovering soil from your own project site, contact Wall Recycling or call us at (919) 582-7777 today.

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