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Mobile tree grinding and fill dirt
Mulch doesn’t just look great on practically any landscape, it can also offer several protective benefits, holding in moisture and preventing weed growth in the areas beneath it. For an attractive, cost-effective accent to your next landscaping project, visit the Wall Recycling reclamation yard, where we sell high-quality dyed mulches at a price you can afford.

As part of our tree debris reclamation services, we recover discarded wood from construction sites, homes, and more, and use our tub grinders to grind it into fresh mulch. This process converts what may be considered waste into a reusable product. And because these mulches come from “salvaged” wood, we’re able to sell them to Raleigh businesses and residents who need it for less.


Let’s Talk About Recycled Mulch

Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or contact us to learn more about using reclaimed mulch in your landscaping project, and visit our reclamation yard to view our selection!

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