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Kids Moving Out? You Need to Rent a Moving Dumpster!

It’s finally time: your kids are leaving the nest! As you sift through mountains of memories with them, you’ll likely both realize they’ve hoarded a little too many unnecessary items. So what do you do with all their extra junk? Call us – because you’ll need a moving dumpster to clear the chaos!

Picture of a family working together to pack up and get trash ready to put in their moving dumpster rental

Johnny doesn’t need his broken guitar or those shoes he was wearing when he sunk the final basket at his high school basketball championship – and neither do you! A dumpster rental is a quick and easy way to clear out your house and make space for the things that you actually want.

If the moving dumpster rental process is new to you, we’ll walk you through it so that you choose a dumpster that suits your needs.

Let’s get started.

Dumpster Rental at Wall Recycling

A roll-off dumpster makes the most sense if you’re looking to do a household clean-up. A roll-off dumpster is a heavy, rectangular container with an opening at the top. It’s designed to hold large items and lots of debris. This type of dumpster is loaded onto and off of a commercial truck where it is hauled away and emptied.

When you call us for a moving dumpster rental, we’ll ask you how much stuff you plan to throw away so that we can recommend the right size. Roll-off dumpsters come in sizes from 10-40 yards.

  • 10-yard dumpsters are typically recommended for mid-size projects. They are good to haul away heavy materials.
  • 15-yard dumpsters are best for medium-sized projects that may produce a bit more debris.
  • 20-year dumpsters are typically best for home clean-outs depending on how much stuff you plan on getting rid of.
  • 30-yard and 40-yard dumpsters are best suited for larger projects and are often used in construction.

No matter what size dumpster you decide to get, we will deliver it to your home and pick it up when it’s full and ready. We make it easy to clear your house out without making an even bigger mess!

What Can I Put in My Roll-Off Dumpster?

We know that you may find some odd items as you’re going through some stuff your kids left behind. But, not everything can be tossed in a dumpster. While we do accept most items, some things have to be disposed of elsewhere when you’re considering a dumpster rental.

Accepted Dumpster Items:

  • Old Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Small Appliances

While these items likely won’t be a part of your typical college move-out scenario, we also accept:

  • Roofing Debris
  • Interior Construction Debris
  • Yard and outdoor waste
  • Wood, lumber, and particleboard

Unaccepted Dumpster Items:

  • Printer and toner cartridges
  • Household cleaners
  • Car batteries
  • Medical waste

Tires, fridges, and any construction debris containing asbestos are also not accepted in our dumpsters.

Things to Consider about a Dumpster Rental

If you are considering a dumpster rental for a house clean-up, you’ll want to consider a few factors.

  • Think about how long you’ll want the dumpster for and when you intend to do the clean-up. Many people like to get it done in a weekend or two rather than prolong it. Also, check the weather forecast. No one wants to do a clean-up during a storm or extreme heat!

  • Check for any hazardous materials as they won’t be allowed in the dumpster. If you have anything else that won’t be accepted, have a plan to get rid of them somewhere else.

Considering a Dumpster Rental? Contact Us!

If you’re considering a moving dumpster rental, call Wall Recycling today. We provide dumpsters in Raleigh, Durham, Franklinton, Wilmington, Goldsboro, WilsonApex, Asheboro, Greensboro, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas.

Our team is ready to assist you. We can help you choose the right dumpster and help you figure out the logistics. We make dumpster rental easy and affordable. Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or reach out to us online to get started.