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Mulch & Topsoil Sales in Durham, NC


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Wall Recycling helps you and the environment through its reclamation services for wood and soil. Our fill dirt, topsoil, and mulch provide essential components for your Durham landscaping projects.

Buy Fill Dirt in Durham

At Wall Recycling in Durham, NC, our fill dirt is recovered from construction and landscaping sites, meaning we are able to sell at a discounted rate. Fill dirt is a convenient solution for leveling and filling landscaping projects. It can also provide a solid foundation for topsoil.

Screened Topsoil

When land is cleared for a new landscaping project, most often, topsoil is removed. Topsoil is vital to keeping lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens healthy.

Wall Recycling recovers the discarded soil from landscaping sites and removes all twigs, stones, roots and other debris to produce healthy, new topsoil for sale at an affordable price.

Durham Fill Dirt for Sale

Recycled Mulch in Durham, NC

As part of our tree debris reclamation services, Wall Recycling will recover discarded wood from construction sites and homes. We then use our tub grinders to produce fresh mulch.

While mulch provides a pleasing aesthtic, it can also offer several protective benefits to your landscaping projects. Properly recycled mulch holds in moisture and prevents weed growth. Our reclamation process transforms tree debris and waste into a reusable product. Because these mulches come from wood that has been salvaged, we’re able to sell them to Durham businesses and residents for less.

Recycled Mulch in Durham

Let’s Talk About Mulch, Fill Dirt & Topsoil Sales in Durham, Nc

For an attractive, cost-effective accent to your next landscaping project, visit the Wall Recycling reclamation yard to see our high-quality dyed mulches, topsoil, and fill dirt at affordable prices! Call us at (919) 582-7777 to learn more about using our recycled products to create landscaping that is healthy and environmentally friendly!