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C&D Recycling in Durham, NC

Construction and Demolition Recycling in Durham, NC

Durham Commercial Reclamation Services

Construction projects, building renovations, and land clearing generates huge quantities of waste materials. Instead of sending your construction and demolition waste to a landfill, let us take it off your hands. Simply rent a roll-off dumpster for your project to collect waste, then our Durham, NC team will pick it up and recycle the reclaimed construction materials. You can save time, reduce expensive landfill fees, and improve sustainability all at the same time.  

Concrete crushing in Durham nc

Durham Construction and Demolition Recycling

PHONE: (919) 682-0429
ADDRESS: 1017 S Hoover Rd,
Durham, NC 27703
HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8:00AM-4:30PM
Sat: 8:00AM-12:00PM
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Reclamation & Construction Salvage Yard in Durham, NC

We offer reclamation services in Durham, NC, taking discarded concrete, wood, and other materials generated during landscape, construction and demolition clean up and recycling them at our salvage yard. Using heavy-duty equipment, our experienced staff can process high volumes of building, stone, and wood waste to save you time and lower your operating costs. 


Concrete Crushing

If you need demolition clean up for tons of concrete, stone, brick, and asphalt, Wall Recycling will handle the task. We repurpose these materials recovered at construction and demolition projects into ABC stone that makes an ideal material for road bases, driveways, and even landscaping stone. Just drop off your materials at our salvage yard, and we’ll process the reclaimed construction materials 

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Reclaimed Materials in Durham for Commercial Projects 

Reduce your construction costs with our reclaimed stones, mulch, and soil processed from construction and demolition waste. 

ABC Stone

When demolition companies require our concrete crushing services for concrete, brick, and stone, we process the material into ABC stone. This material is ideal as a foundation for roads as well as driveways, paths, and landscaping stone. We offer both crushed stone that is less than 1.5 inches in size as well as 1.5-inch to 2.5-inch clean stone and will help you determine the best option for your project.

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ABC stone for sale in Durham NC

Reclaimed Construction Materials for Residential Use

Whether you have a debris removal project or need landscaping materials, Wall Recycling can help you save money and make the sustainable choice with our construction recycling and reclamation services in Durham.

Tree Debris Reclamation

If you have unwanted, damaged, or fallen trees on your Durham, NC property, bring them to our demolition salvage yards. We help you avoid landfill fees so you can clean up your yard with minimal cost and no hassle! Plus, our professional grade tub grinders allow us to transform wood waste into valuable mulch that can be used for your landscaping needs. 

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Reclaimed Materials for Residential Landscaping

Minimize the cost of your landscaping project with our reclaimed materials, including stone, mulch, and soil. 

Dyed Mulch

After land clearing and storm cleanup, companies rely on us for tree grinding where we process trees, stumps, and vegetation into tons of high-quality dyed mulch. This attractive reclaimed material is ideal for landscaping, preventing weed growth and improving the health of planted vegetation. Our reclaimed mulch is a cost-saving and sustainable choice compared to commercial mulch.

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Screened Topsoil and Fill Dirt

We also salvage tons of soil from landscaping, land development, and construction sites to process and restore into both reclaimed topsoil and fill dirt. Reclaimed topsoil is rich in nutrients and increases the growth and health of grass, plants, and gardens while fill dirt provides a solid foundation for the topsoil to reduce erosion. Both are significantly less expensive than other options to keep your landscaping costs low. 

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Visit Wall Recycling for Construction and Demolition Recycling in Durham

Whether you need construction and demolition recycling services in Durham or want to use reclaimed materials for landscaping and infrastructure, Wall Recycling can help you reduce costs and improve your sustainability.  Learn more about our C&D services today by calling (919) 682-0429 or filling out the form below to get started.


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