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Durham Concrete Crushing

Durham concrete crushing services involve the handling and crushing of the debris from your construction site. That includes concrete, brick, and asphalt.


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Wall Concrete Crushing Services

Are you spending a lot of money on expensive landfill dump fees for disposing concrete or construction debris such as brick and asphalt? Instead, the visit the construction disposal & concrete dump at Wall Recycling in Durham, NC. Our Durham concrete crushing services will save you time and money!

Let our experienced staff handle crushing your bulky building waste to save your business time, money, and additional headaches. Our Durham reclamation yard utilizes state-of-the-art crushing equipment that can handle high volumes of construction debris safely and efficiently to create a usable product.

Picture of a construction worker working with concrete blocks

Concrete Recycling: ABC Stone

Wall Recycling will crush that debris, process it for you and turn it into ABC stone. We sell this material to businesses throughout Durham and the Triangle area. One of the benefits of using this fine mixture for road bases, driveways, and entrances is you can lower your construction costs. 

At Wall Recycling, we can crush concrete, asphalt, and brick – reclaiming and repurposing the debris into a reusable product called ABC stone. ABC stone is an ideal building material for driveways, entrances, and other road bases. 

Our knowledgeable staff is glad to help you decide which stone is right for your project.

Durham recycled ABC stone sales

Let us partner with your Durham business to improve the environment and stop clogging landfills with concrete construction debris. Wall Recycling can recover that waste for you. Bring your discarded materials to our Durham concrete dump or give us a call at (919) 682-0429 to learn about our concrete crushing services and how they can help you!

Durham Concrete Crushing

PHONE: (919) 682-0429

ADDRESS: 1017 S Hoover Rd, Durham, NC 27703

HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8:00AM-4:30PM, Sat: 8:00AM-12:00PM

Contact Wall for Durham Concrete Crushing Services

Call us today at (919) 582-7777 and we will give you an estimate for concrete crushing services.


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