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Topsoil, Fill Dirt & Mulch for Sale in Apex

Yard waste, tree debris, and construction waste takes up massive amounts of space in landfills. Instead of dumping trees, stumps, or leftover dirt at a local landfill or local dump, visit our reclamation yard. We recycle wood, trees, stumps, and leftover dirt from construction sites and turn it into usable soil, fill dirt, landscaping rocks, and dyed mulch for sale in Apex. Drop off your yard waste or purchase reclaimed landscaping supplies!


Our Reclaimed Landscaping Supplies

Wall Recycling helps you and the environment through its reclamation services for wood and soil. Our fill dirt, topsoil, and mulch for sale in Apex provide essential components for your Apex landscaping projects.

Soil for Sale in Apex

If you’re in Apex and you’ve been searching for, “top soil for sale near me,” “garden soil for sale near me,” or “dirt for sale near me,” your search has led you to the right place! Wall Recycling recovers the discarded soil from landscaping sites and removes all twigs, stones, roots and other debris to produce fill dirt and healthy, new topsoil for sale at an affordable price.

Our Soil for Sale:

  • Fill dirt for landscaping and construction
  • Top soil or garden soil for landscaping and gardening

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Picture of soil for sale in Apex, North Carolina.

Topsoil in Apex, NC

If you need topsoil for a project in Apex, you can count on Wall Recycling to offer high-quality fill dirt and screened topsoil. We can also take discarded soils from construction sites and recover them to be reused.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is helpful for leveling and filling projects. It can provide a solid foundation for topsoil in most landscaping projects. Any fill dirt that is recovered from construction and landscaping sites is sold at a discounted rate at our reclamation yard.

Screened Topsoil

Wall Recycling can also help with your topsoil in Apex. Why do you need topsoil? Topsoil is vital to keep lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens healthy. But, when sites are cleared, much of that topsoil is removed. That is why we recover it and remove all twigs, stones, and debris so that only the healthy topsoil is left. We then sell it to you at an affordable cost. This way you’re getting quality topsoil to help with your projects. 

You can purchase topsoil from us or we can come to your construction site and salvage your soil to be repurposed. Whatever you need, Wall Recycling is here for you!

Buy Topsoil in Apex
Picture of fill dirt and top soil in Apex, North Carolina from Wall Recycling.

Buy Mulch & Topsoil from Wall Recycling

Adding mulch or topsoil to your property in Apex, NC, has many benefits besides basic aesthetics. At Wall Recycling we can provide you with mulch and topsoil in Apex at affordable prices. If you’re not sure what you need, our friendly customer service team is here to help you determine the best products for your space, and how much you need.
As part of our tree debris reclamation services, Wall Recycling will recover discarded wood from construction sites and homes. We then use our tub grinders to produce fresh mulch.

While mulch provides a pleasing aesthetic, it can also offer several protective benefits to your landscaping projects. Properly recycled mulch holds in moisture and prevents weed growth. Our reclamation process transforms tree debris and waste into a reusable product. Because these mulches come from wood that has been salvaged, we’re able to sell them to Apex businesses and residents for less.

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Picture of mulch in Apex, North Carolina from Wall Recycling.

Why Use Recycled Mulch

Using reclaimed landscaping supplies helps the environment – and can even save you money! Not only is it typically more affordable to use recycled materials, but it helps reduce the time and energy output needed to fabricate new products and supplies.

  • Environmental Impact: We all know that mulch can improve your curb appeal, but it can also protect your property by holding in moisture and preventing weeds from growing in the areas beneath it. Recycled mulch, derived from materials like wood chips and yard waste, also reduces the volume of organic waste sent to landfills. This lessens the strain on limited landfill space and decreases greenhouse gas emissions that comes with decomposition.
  • Financial Impact: By reusing these materials as mulch, water retention in soil is enhanced, reducing the need for frequent irrigation and promoting healthier plant growth. Recycled mulch also aids in weed suppression and soil temperature moderation, while its natural decomposition enriches the soil with nutrients, fostering sustainable and vibrant landscapes.
High-Quality Dyed Mulch for sale in Apex

Our Recycled Mulch for Sale

At Wall Recycling, we offer affordable high-quality dyed mulches at our reclamation yard in Apex. We recover discarded wood from construction sites, homes, and more as part of our tree reclamation services. We use our tub grinders to grind it into fresh mulch. This takes products that were considered waste and turns them into reusable products.

Picture of organic mulch for sale in Apex, North Carolina from Wall Recycling.

Get Your Mulch & Topsoil in Apex, NC

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For an attractive, cost-effective accent to your next landscaping project, visit the Wall Recycling reclamation yard to see our high-quality dyed mulches, topsoil, and fill dirt at affordable prices! Whether you’re looking for fresh mulch, fill dirt, or screened topsoil in Apex, Wall Recycling can help. Call us at (919) 582-7777 to learn more about using our recycled products to create landscaping that is healthy and environmentally friendly!

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