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How Soon in Advance Should I Reserve a Dumpster in Raleigh?

Wall Recycling dumpsters on a truck to be delivered for rentals in the Raleigh NC areaIf you’re about to tackle a major project, like a renovation, cleaning up the yard, or even tearing down an old shed, having a dumpster makes the project so much easier. Wall Recycling drops it off, you fill it up, then they take it off your hands. But if you wait too long to call Wall Recycling for your dumpster rental, you may miss out. So, how soon in advance should you reserve a dumpster?

Knowing the Demand for Dumpsters

The number one rule is don’t wait until the day of the project or the day before to call the rental company. The likelihood they’ll have what you need for the length of time you’ll need it is significantly less likely if you wait too late. However, these factors can depend on how early you should set up a reservation. 

Seasonal Demand

It’s important to note that spring through early fall are the busiest times to rent a dumpster as that’s when more people are moving, cleaning out garages, and also, that’s when more floods and disasters happen that people need to clean up from.

The busier the season, the earlier you’ll want to reserve your dumpster. For example, if you’re wanting to start a renovation in late April, you’ll probably want to call a rental company about a month in advance, but if it’s December or January, cutting it closer would be less of a risk. 

Duration of Use

There are constantly projects going on that require a dumpster, so there’s a revolving schedule or reservations. With other dumpster rental companies, the longer your project the more likely it is that the dumpster you need will overlap someone else’s reservation. However, Wall Recycling provides next day service so you never have to worry about reserving your dumpster a month in advance.

It’s a good practice to reserve your dumpster as soon in advance as you know the day you’ll need it and how long you’ll need it for. However, large dumpster rental companies, like Wall Recycling, have such a large inventory that if something happens and you only have a day or two before the project starts, they are more likely to have what you need than a small company. 

Reserve a Dumpster in the Raleigh Area Today

With Wall Recycling, we strive to make dumpster rental a stress-free part of your next project. From making sure we have the size of dumpster you need, to delivering it on time, to charging competitive rates, we strive to ensure convenience. We supply temporary dumpsters throughout Raleigh, Durham, Wilmington, Apex, Wilson, Greensboro, Franklinton, Goldsboro, Asheboro, Fayetteville and the surrounding areas.

Not in these specific areas? We also serve Chapel Hill, Siler City, Rocky Mount, Wake Forest, Cary, Clayton, Garner, Knightdale, Greenville, and beyond. When you want your trash gone from your home, give us a call at (919) 582-7777.