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Interesting Ways to Improve Your Yard  for Spring 2022

If you thought the only way to get soil for your yard was to go to a gardening store and buy a bag, think again. If you’re asking where to buy fill dirt near me, we have some interesting answers. When you think out of the box, or out of the bag, in this case, you can find ways to improve your yard with soil and fill dirt from different sources. 

Reclaimed soil is an excellent resource to improve your yard this spring. If you’ve never gone this route before, we’re here to help. We have information about reclaimed dirt and soil, how they’re beneficial, and where you can get them.

Top Soil Fill DirtFill Dirt from Wall Recycling

Fill dirt can be recovered from construction and landscaping sites and reused. It consists of broken-down rocks, sand, and clay. Since it contains little fertility for plants or other items to grow, it’s usually not best for gardening. 

Uses for Fill Dirt

While it’s not best suited to grow plants, fill dirt does have many other benefits:

  • Fill dirt can provide a solid foundation for topsoil for landscaping projects
  • Fill dirt can also be used during constriction to create a foundation for homes that require more stability
  • Driveways and roads are usually made using fill dirt as a foundation
  • Fill dirt can help to secure ground around retaining walls

Where to Buy Fill Dirt Near Me

At Wall Recycling, we process fill dirt that is recovered from construction and landscaping sites and then sell it at our reclamation yards in ApexAsheboroDurhamFranklinton, and Raleigh at a discounted rate. This is a great resource since the price of fill dirt has recently been rising. By using reclaimed soil you are helping your wallet and the environment at the same time.

Reclaimed topsoil used for gardeningScreened Topsoil from Wall Recycling

When sites are cleared for a new landscaping project, most topsoil is removed. At Wall Recycling, we reclaim that soil and process it. This requires removing twigs, stones, and other debris so that the healthy, mineral-rich topsoil is what remains.

Uses for Topsoil

Besides fill dirt, reclaimed topsoil can also help to give your yard that extra TLC it needs this spring. Here’s how:

  • Topsoil is important to keep your landscaping and flowerbeds healthy
  • Topsoil can also be used to fill in low spots in your yard. These are areas that can be difficult to mow or tend to flood When topsoil is used to fill in these areas, new grass can grow. This eliminates those dips and creates a more aesthetically pleasing yard
  • People also use topsoil to shape landscapes and add volume with different levels
  • Adding topsoil to the areas of your yard that hold water can help to address poor drainage issues

Where to Buy Screened Topsoil Near Me

Once the reclaimed soil has been processed, we sell it at a discounted rate at our reclamation yards in  ApexAsheboroDurhamFranklinton, and Raleigh NC. 

Improve Your Yard with Reclaimed Soil from Wall Recycling This Spring

If you want this to be the year your yard is the envy of the neighborhood, let Wall Recycling help. Our reclaimed soil and fill dirt can help you reach your goals. Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or reach out to us online to get started. 

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