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How to Dispose of TVs

Have you recently made a purchase for a new TV and are unsure of how to properly get rid of your old one? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people are unsure of how to dispose of their old electronics when they are out of date, broken, or have decided it’s time for a new replacement. 

At Wall Recycling we offer safe scrap metal recycling services to residents of  Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas so you can get rid of your old electronics and make room for your brand-new ones.

Picture of an old TV for the article how to dispose of TVs in North Carolina.

Can I Bring My Old TV to a Landfill? 

When thinking about how to dispose of TVs or other electronics, it is important to understand the environmental impact of disposing of them properly. You should never just throw a TV into the trash because it will be brought to a landfill. Your improperly disposed TV will pollute the environment due to the hazardous chemicals in its materials.  

How to Recycle Your E-Waste

Electronic waste, known as “E-waste,” accounts for 50 million metric tons of waste each year. Imagine how those harmful materials might affect the world if everyone disposed of their TVs by throwing them in the trash. 


It’s important that everyone do their part in sustainability to protect the Earth when considering how to dispose of TVs. If you have old TVs or other electronics to dispose of, you can visit a local E-waste recycling center and drop off your items there. 

Consequences of Improperly Disposing of Your Old TV

Many states, including North Carolina, prohibit flatscreen TVs and other TVs and electronics from being brought to landfills. If you are caught disposing of your flatscreen TV in the trash, a dumpster rental, or a landfill site, you could face expensive fines. Knowing how to dispose of TVs helps you to avoid those risks.


You can ask your friends or family if there is anyone who would like to inherit your flat-screen TV from you. You might be surprised that someone you know is looking for a new TV but does not have the money to spend on one right now. 

How to Dispose of an Old TV

If you have an old TV that still works, it’s important to know how you can donate it instead of throwing it away. Just because you are in the position to upgrade your old TV, does not mean that it’s useless– in fact, there are tons of families who would be grateful to receive your used TV through a donation center. 


Here are some places to make donations to dispose of an old TV that still works: 

  • Community-based organizations like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity
  • Local thrift stores
  • A local E-waste recycling or donation center 
  • Public schools
  • Homeless shelters
  • Best Buy or other electronics stores that accept used electronics 
  • Return it to the manufacturer 

How to Dispose of a Flat-screen TV

If you have a flat-screen TV that is in working order, never throw it away in the trash or in a dumpster. The EPA has strict guidelines for the proper disposal of TVs, computers, cellphones, and other electronics, and if it is found that you disposed of your flat-screen TV in a dumpster, you could face consequences. 


If you do not know anyone who wants your old flatscreen TV, you can hold a garage sale and see if anyone in the neighborhood is interested in purchasing it or you can post it on a social media neighborhood site for sale or donation. 


As long as the TV is still working, it will have value to someone. You just might find that a flatscreen TV is an upgrade for someone else in your Raleigh or Durham neighborhood. Or, you may find someone whose TV recently broke and needs a replacement or is adding another TV set to their household. 

How to Dispose of a Broken TV 

Dealing with a TV that is cracked or shattered can be dangerous. TVs are made of toxic chemicals including chromium, lead, cadmium, and mercury. The flame retardants that are in TVs have been linked to cancer and hormone-related imbalances. If you or your family are exposed to these dangerous materials they can be very harmful to your health. 


If a TV is broken it can still be used for recycled materials. Contact your local waste management professionals so you are assured that all of the TV’s materials will be properly disposed of without having to expose yourself to toxic chemicals.


Rent a Dumpster with Wall Recycling to Get Rid of Your Old TV 

It is finally time to get rid of that old, broken TV set. At Wall Recycling, our roll-off dumpster rentals are great for getting rid of those outdated electronics you no longer use. 


We offer great prices and convenient, reliable services so that you can dispose of your old TVs and other clutter. Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or reach out to us online for more information on how we can help.