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Holiday Items That Can Go Into Dumpsters

holiday dinner party

The holidays are full of activity and fun! Seeing family and friends, eating great food, and enjoying the spirit of the holidays are all part of the weeks leading up to and afterward. But, with all of that comes a lot of trash that needs to be disposed of–wrapping paper, ribbons, leftovers, Christmas trees, and old decorations. And, not to mention the lights that stop working!

How to Dispose of Holiday Trash

Wall Recycling is here to help you get rid of the remnants and debris left behind after the holidays. With our rental programs for residential dumpsters and porta potties, as well as other services, you can be sure your home is trash-free moving into the new year!

We have put together this light-hearted article to give you some ideas where you can use Wall Recycling to help you keep trash and refuse at a minimum.

Holiday Wrap and Ribbons

Holiday gift wrapping

After everyone has come and gone, you may be astounded at the gift wrap and ribbons that have been left behind. It’s like an explosion of torn up paper and cut ribbons. What can you secure that will handle that? The answer is, a rented dumpster from Wall Recycling, of course! We supply the dumpster. You supply the trash! 

Wall recycling has several dumpster sizes to choose from as well as flexible delivery and pick up options. You will have a convenient and affordable option to get rid of the remains of holiday gift giving.

Food, Cans, and Containers

Just making a dish or two to take over to Aunt Missy’s lunch can leave a lot of waste. And, if you are preparing a large meal yourself or cooking a community meal, the rubbish is amplified exponentially! What if you are days away from your regular waste pickup? To make sure your home’s or community kitchen’s trash cans aren’t continually overflowing, call Wall Recycling for information about our dumpster rentals to see how we can help!

Christmas Trees

What can you do with the dried out and spent trees? Wall Recycling offers tree debris reclamation services where we use tub grinders to grind the wood into fresh mulch. Your city or county service may not pick up the tree(s) you drag out to the street for weeks. Call us to learn more about our mulch recycling program.

Large Outside Parties

When you are having a large get-together for a barbecue or oyster roast or any party outdoors, your indoor facilities may not be enough to supply the need for restrooms. No worries! Rent a portable toilet from Wall Recycling to accommodate the guests. Our porta potties are clean and your guests will appreciate it.

reindeer about to use a porta pottyReindeer Poop

Santa’s reindeer have many miles to go on Christmas Eve and they may not be able to “hold it.” What’s more, they may be sensitive about just letting it go in yards and streets. When you have rented a porta-potty from Wall Recycling, they can just “dash” into the privacy of the porta john. No problem. They do their business and then get on with the job. Easy-peasy!

Contact Wall Recycling for Your Holiday Waste Disposal Needs

When you find the holidays are creating more trash and refuse than you can handle, call us to find out how our services can help. We have 13 locations throughout North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Durham, and Wilmington. Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or fill out the form below to get started.

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