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Front Load Dumpster Rental

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Affordable, convenient trash and garbage disposal is necessary for all types of businesses, organizations, and multi-family dwellings. To help you with this matter, we offer permanent front load dumpster rentals that are available in multiple sizes and with customizable trash pick up plans.  

What is a Front Load Dumpster?

While roll-off dumpsters are often used for short-term projects like construction jobs and clean up projects, a front load dumpster is generally a permanent or semi-permanent fixture used for commercial buildings to handle daily trash and garbage needs. These are taller in the back and shorter in the front to allow for a hinged lid that can be lowered in between use in order to keep animals and rain out of the dumpster. Also, there are slots or spaces on the sides of the dumpster so a garbage truck can lift it and empty it into their collection hopper on a regular basis to prevent trash from piling up or overflowing. 

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Permanent Dumpster Rental Services

Front load dumpsters are permanently placed at your place of business in a safe, accessible spot that is easy for you to get to, but also not so close that it will be a nuisance or hazard to others. We have three sizes available: 

  • 4-Yard Dumpsters that are designed for small to medium businesses, such as offices and retail establishments;
  • 6-Yard Dumpsters that are perfect for businesses with up to 250 employees;
  • 8 Yard Dumpsters are ideal for larger organizations or organizations with large amounts of trash, such as restaurants and apartment buildings. 

Wall Recycling also empties the receptacle on a set schedule with pickups available up to six times per week.

Recycling Dumpsters

In addition to the standard trash dumpsters, we also have front load recycling bins available for cardboard boxes. Perfect for retail businesses, restaurants, and places that get regular deliveries and shipments, these yellow bins let you improve your sorting efficiency while saving space in your standard dumpster.

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Why Rent a Front Load Dumpster?

With our flexible contracts, flat-rate pricing, and convenient disposal options, Wall Recycling makes trash disposal convenient and affordable. Unlike roll off dumpsters, front load dumpsters are smaller and more compact, so they take up less space and are easily accessible. We work with all types of businesses and organizations, providing durable, weather resistant front load dumpsters, including: 

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Medical centers 
  • Apartment buildings
  • Churches
  • Hotels

Reserve a Front Load Dumpster Rental Today

For prompt, dependable trash and waste collection in Central and Eastern North Carolina, reach out to Wall Recycling today. Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or fill out the form  below to reserve a dumpster or get more information.