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At Wall Recycling, we’re here to make your Raleigh dumpster rental as convenient as possible.  Our roll-off dumpsters are ideal for commercial construction projects, as the open top allows for easier disposal of bulky wastes like scrap steel, glass, wooden crates, and concrete.

Wall Recycling commercial dumpster for rent in RaleighWe also offer dumpsters With Wall Recycling, you have access to dumpsters on demand. We offer next-day delivery for every size dumpster, with drop-off arranged to fit your schedule. And when your dumpster is full, call us and we’ll arrange for a pick-up within 24-72 hours.

With more than 1,500 dumpsters available to rent, we have one of the largest inventories in the Triangle. Choose from five different container sizes (ranging from 10 yards to 10 yards), and our friendly drivers will deliver your dumpster where you need it when you need it. And when you’re ready for us to pick it up, just call. It’s that simple.


As Raleigh’s leading dumpster rental company, we have the manpower and bandwidth necessary to make renting a dumpster for your business simple. Here’s how:

  • We deliver your dumpster to your facility or home where you need it
  • Our rentals are priced at a flat rate, meaning you have no additional fees unless you exceed your allotted tonnage
  • Choose from five different container sizes
  • With 1,500+ dumpsters, we have one of the largest inventories in the Triangle
  • We offer next-day delivery, so you can start using your dumpster ASAP
  • Bonus: We also offer 100-yard walking floor service!


We serve businesses throughout Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, and surrounding areas. And our commercial dumpster rentals are ideal for a variety of projects, including:

What size Wall Recycling dumpster fits your needs?

  • New construction builds
  • Landscaping operations
  • Building clean-ups
  • Roofing projects
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Construction or demolition sites
  • Other high-waste operations



Preserve space with Wall Recycling dumpstersPRESERVES YOUR SPACE
Preventing waste from collecting around your facility can help keep your property clean and extend the life of your pavement.

Wall Recycling dumpsters are sanitarySANITATION
All waste is gathered to a single open receptacle until it’s collected, helping keep your space sanitary.

Reduce fire hazard during waste disposalREDUCES FIRE HAZARD
Waste disposal inside of sturdy, all-steel containers helps decrease the likelihood of accidental fires.

Wall Recycling frees up storage spaceFREES UP STORAGE
With all waste going to one convenient dumpster, you eliminate potential for additional mess and hassle.

Pest control with Wall RecyclingPEST CONTROL
With debris enclosed inside a steel container, it will be less likely to attract insects and other pests.


Need a more long-term waste disposal plan for your business? We also offer permanent dumpster rental services for commercial operations, with prompt, dependable collection on a weekly basis to help keep your facilities debris-free.


Compactor services for Raleigh NCFor businesses with ongoing waste collection needs, we also offer compactor service for a more convenient service plan. Compactors not only help reduce collections, but they can also help lower the likelihood of insect or rodent problems and prevent fire hazards caused by trash build-up.

Visit our Dumpster Rental Blog to learn more about our dumpster rental offerings!

Call us today at (919) 582-7777 or contact us to learn more about commercial dumpster rental in Raleigh, NC.

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