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How to Choose a Dumpster Rental Company 

Factors to consider when selecting Wall Recycling to provide your dumpster rental service.

Choosing a Dumpster Rental Company

Raleigh dumpster rental Wall Recycling staff member

There are several factors worth considering when you select a dumpster provider which includes:

  • Project Priorities
  • Who will do the Work
  • Understanding Services and Fees
  • Budget for the Project
  1. Understand Your Project Priorities

    Most people that call about dumpster service just want to know the price, but once we start talking to our customers to understand their needs it is really clear they care about more than price. We select our drivers, design our systems, and manage our fleet to address the top priorities we hear from our customers. Here are the frequent priorities we hear when speaking to a new client: 

    • Responsive Service – “I want to order a service.”

      • When a client calls we often hear the words: “I want to know if you will bring a new dumpster when I need it!” (many times that is “right now!”) and “When can you come to take away this full one and bring me an empty one.” 
      • At Wall Recycling, we use industry-leading software when it comes to all areas of operation such as:  Tracking your driver, providing accurate pickup and delivery times,  and inventory management technologies to fulfill your order.
    • Communication – “I want to hear from a real person.”

      • “I want to know if a real person is handling my account.”
        Our people use our software to address communication both electronically and verbally and in some situations, we will come work with you in person.
    • Dumpster Placement – “I want it placed in a particular place.”

      • It is important to consider where the dumpster should be placed as it not something that can be easily adjusted once dropped off. If a client needs it in a particular place, be sure to express that to our staff when placing the order or be on location when the driver arrives.  
      • Wall Recycling drivers are veteran drivers skilled in the placement and removal of dumpsters.
  2. Selecting Who Will do the Work

    At Wall Recycling, we will do the work ourselves on your project. We are not a broker or a middleman but an actual hauler located in North Carolina. Wall Recycling does not subcontract out the work that we do. We own the trucks, we own the dumpsters, and we verify all of our trusted, experienced drivers. Each of our clients walks away with the confidence that when purchasing a service from Wall Recycling, we control the process from beginning to end and we stand behind our work. We support that claim by having our name and number on the side of all of our dumpsters. 

    In our industry, there are many brokers or “middlemen” selling dumpster services. For a consumer or a contractor, it is often hard to tell just who is a broker and who is actually a hauler that owns trucks and dumpsters. When you work with a broker, the broker takes your job details and contact information along with your payment information and then tells you he or she will work on a date to schedule your service. Since a broker doesn’t have any trucks nor dumpsters, they will need to contact a true dumpster company/hauler like Wall Recycling to provide the service they just sold. The problem is that you as the customer end up overpaying and often get caught in the middle and communication can be confusing when trying to work through the challenges of contracting with a group that is never on site. The brokers in our industry are sophisticated – many will give you the impression that they are the ones doing the work. Don’t be fooled, if the name on the side of the dumpster doesn’t match the name on the service agreement then they are a broker.

  3. Understanding Services and Fees

    The phrase “renting a dumpster” can seem simple, but frequently there are surprises relating to the scope of the services or the cost of those services, but often both! The reality is more often than not, the projects that require dumpsters can be complex and unpredictable as they progress.

    At Wall Recycling, we strive to bring clarity and eliminate surprises and tailor our services to your needs. Our people are the ones on the ground talking to each customer to make sure the project runs smoothly from day one.

  4. Budget for the Project

    Think about how long this project is estimated to take, and how much you have budgeted for each aspect. 

    In addition to custom projects, we offer several basic packages that are available for purchase online. Wall Recycling strives for your dumpster experience to be straightforward and positive. 

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