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Scrap Metal Recycling

Picture of an old TV for the article how to dispose of TVs in North Carolina.

How to Dispose of TVs

Out with the old and in with the new. But what do you do with your old TV? Lear how to dispose of TVs in a way that is safe and eco-friendly!

Woman recycling plastic bottles after learning how to dispose of household items

How to Dispose of Common Household Items

There are some common household items that could contaminate the environment if placed in a landfill. Learn how to dispose of common household items properly!

scrap metal for sale in nc

What Scrap Can I Sell in NC?

If you’re ready to sell scrap metal for cash, find out what types of metal you can sell in NC, and how Wall Recycling can help.

Talking bout scrap metal recycling

Can You Talk Scrap?

If you’re new to scrap metal recycling, make sure you know the terms that are commonly used at scrap metal yards.