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5 Tips for Porta Potty Placement at Your Next Event

Porta Potty Placement at EventsWhether you’re setting up for a street fair, construction site, or an outdoor wedding, you have to make sure your setup includes porta potty placement. While your initial reaction may be, “Let’s keep them out of sight (and smell),” there are actually several factors that affect where you put them. To help you plan your venue, we’re sharing five key factors for where to place your porta potties.

Accessibility for Delivery and Removal

First, your portable toilets will need to be delivered and set up, then the sanitation service will need to clean the area and remove waste. Typically, the trucks will need to get within 20 feet of where you need them placed, so you’ll need to keep them fairly close to any roads or driving paths. 

Before delivery and pickup, make sure there’s a clear path to the area to avoid delays that could lead to added costs. 

Ensuring a Level Surface for the Porta Potties

It is absolutely essential that porta potty placement is on a flat, even area. This includes making sure there isn’t slope to the ground as well as bumps or lumps that could cause the structure to wobble. Use a string-line level to ensure there’s no slope or even place boards on the area and stand on them to see if there is any wobbling or rocking. We can’t stress enough how important it is that the ground is level when factoring in porta potty placement.

Porta Potty Placement Accessibility for All Guests

When you are setting up a location for portable toilets, can all guests access them? In addition to making sure you have disability-accessible portable toilets, you have to make sure that people with disabilities, including people using walkers, wheelchairs, and other equipment can access the area they are located. Areas with gravel, up or down a slope, or grassy areas where the ground is soft or overgrown are all particularly difficult to reach, so that should factor in your porta potty placement.

Event with rented Porta Potty

Convenient Placement for Porta Potties

If you have a small event, like an outdoor wedding, having one area to place porta potties should be fine. However, if you are planning a large festival or street fair, you may need to consider several areas, including a central location for the bulk of the portable toilets, then a few near the ends of the venue or the corners. This not only reduces congestion around the area but it ensures that people are never that far away from a restroom no matter where they are.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that your location factors “eating and seating,” meaning you’ll want to place the porta potties near where the eating areas are. Of course, you don’t want them front and center, as no one wants to look at a large portable restroom while they are eating. However, a nearby, discrete location will keep them separated from eating areas while still convenient. 

Place Them Out of Wind

While porta potties are quite stable and heavy, we would recommend placing them against a structure if possible to provide shelter from high winds, if they are a possibility during your event. Standing them against a fence or structure can provide a break from the wind and ensure their stability. Also, they can be staked to the ground to ensure added protection. 

Rent Porta Potties for Your Next Event Today

If you need to rent porta potties in Raleigh, Durham, or Wilmington for your next event, we can help. With convenient delivery and pick up options as well as competitive pricing, you can feel confident that your venue will be equipped with clean, safe portable toilets. Reach out to us today at (919) 582-7777 or fill out the form below to learn more or schedule your rental.